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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> call the roll. >> tan? >> present. >> commissioner lee in >> here. >> hyde. >> here. >> perez? >> here. >> joseph? >> here. >> item number one is public
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comment, this is the opportunity that the public has to address items that are not on the agenda. and we will wait until everybody gets in. i will say that again. okay folks, let's move it, thank you. i am going to repeat what i just said for the benefit of the folks who just arrived. >> item number one is public comment, this is the opportunity for the public to address the commission on items under jurisdiction that are not on the agenda, nice to see you
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again. >> i would like to make general comments about what is going to happen tonight and future meetings, you know that there is a heavy calendar on extended hours permits. and it is not that this is effects the new trend in san francisco, what has happened is police department on broad way did random checks on establishments to find out that some of the permits that they have may have been in the prior owner's names and may have not had a permit. whatever the case is, through excellent communication through the pd and the excellent communication through the entertainment commission and through a very earnest effort on the applicants they do come forward and therefore you will see quite a few agenda items, you will see more agenda items
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in future sessions here is what is good about the process is the process of working and i think that what is going to happen is through the use of surveillance cameras and better lighting and the condition of lead training, what we are finding is that we are going to have better owners and operators more responsible operators and just a better quality of life in san francisco because of the vital importance of being able to eat late, we don't want to deprive the people who don't work 9 to 5 and everybody wants them to act responsibly and get into compliance, i think that is a general statement about what is going on. thank you. is there any other further public comment? the next item item number three, is the report from the executive, sorry, number two. reviewing and approval of the minutes of april 16th. we have a motion?
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>> i move to approve. >> do we have a second. >> second. >> is there a public comment on the minutes? >> commissioner tan? >> commissioner lee. >> yes. >> joseph. >> yes. >> hyde. >> yes. >> perez. >> aye. >> akers? >> aye. >> i want to take item number four and move it further down the agenda as our sound engineer is not here, and our sound inspector is not here and he might be coming back and he would like to speak to this matter. without objection? >> do you want to read it first?
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>> i want to move item four further down. >> got it. >> does anybody have a objection to that? >> where are you moving to? >> just towards the permits and towards 6 and maybe he will make it item number 7? we are waiting for the sound technician to come in he had an emergency and so we are going to move it two to three items down the agenda. >> okay. >> item three report from the executive director? >> good evening, commissioners, i do have a long agenda, or it looks long, at least ahead of us, i want to make it fairly easy for you. i wanted to bring up to date on the legislation that we have spoken about a number of times and you guys made a motion on to support last meeting of
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related to amendments of 1016, 1070, and we sent a letter on april 16th, after you all again, made a motion to support it to the clerk of the board and the hearing for this item is now schedule for monday, may 13, at 1:30 if anyone is interested in appearing. because you did, because you did a group action, you certainly can come and speak on behalf of the commission, you can choose one of you, obviously i can't have all of you, or you will be in a meeting. so, in any case, if you choose to come, let me know. and we do expect to have some support lined up. but, not had not really gone any indication that it is particularly controversial at this point. so. that is a good sign. as you may recall, i talked
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about this now for months, board of supervisors approved a position, focusing on the nighttime economy and after a long search, i got this a little bit bro*ng wrong, there is almost an offer on the table on a candidate and so we are very, very close and so hopefully if you have your fingers crossed and the person who is doing a little background checking on it moved through the process. we will bring them to the commission to introduce them at that time and it will be helpful in a lot of the bigger things city wide that we talk about in here and may not have the ability to move forward on. and in addition, an interview was conducted for hour vacant and enforcement position last week. and that applicant was sent an offer for the position early this week or yesterday. actually. so we will keep the commission
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informed, unfortunately hr is a long process but this person came off of a vetted list that the city had and it will move quicker than someone off of the street with any luck we will have a second enforcement person, and then hopefully a month. the annual summit, this is the entertainment commission, 5th annual summit is finalized now for may 20th. so, if it is not in your eye phone, calendar and put it there. it is one to four in the auditor um and we have a cool panel put together and we have speakers including the head of the abc jay cob apple smith and a bunch of elected official and we think that it will be a lively session.
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if you miss it altogether, you can watch it in your spare time. so, i have nothing to report in terms of corrective action. we do have some things that we will talk about later on the agenda and unfortunately as commissioner joseph mentioned he is not here and so we looked at his report and if there is anything really pressing, i can try to answer, otherwise you can hold it until next meeting two weeks from now and ask him about any specific incidents that are reporteded that you might have a request on. >> commissioners any questions from the report? just behind this report? >> anybody? >> no. is there public comment on the executive director's report? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item number, the next item on
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the agenda at police department, comments and questions. >> hello commissioners and staff, steve, central station, over the course of the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of incidents on broad way and i will do a brief review, april 19th, intoxicated person who left the condor was robbed of a cell phone and lap top and transferred for treatment. and security arrested a trespasser at the jack in the box, on april 19th. this is relevant because they have an extended hour permit with the entertainment commission. there was a battery is serious injuries, laceration to the ford head, on april 21 at 1:20 a.m., and since then i have sat down and spoken with them and
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gone over the security plan and we were doing with on how to improve their security and steps that they can take as well as dealing with conditions on the block. one is illegal hot dog vendor which creates a problem if the people are coming out of the clubs and are intoxicated they are going to stand out in front of the hot dog stand and start buying hot dogs and that can lead to fights and yelling and screaming on the street. and so, if we can get rid of, we have been trying to site the person and have them leave the area and that seems to be helping. it was a battery on broad way and columbus at 2 a.m.. and on geary street at 2 a.m. and this is next to where milan pizza that is going to an application for an extended hours. >> three victims were attacked on broad way and broad way on may fifth and treated at the scene and released.
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a witness at 2:00 a.m. through a bottle at 460 broad way and the suspect was released from the scene. when we talk about the climate up on broad way it is not just always the clubs, it is the liquor stores up there and the adult entertainment venues all of those places are all in one spot. so we have a couple of thousand people in that same spot, so there is a lot going on on broad way. battery with serious injuries, a human on the sidewalk at 443 broad way, in north beach. and there was another battery on broad way and columbus at 2:00 a.m.. a theft of a purse at the saloon at 1232 grant treat and there was a battery at the parlor which is 2801 levenworth and i will do a narrative of that. on may 4th, at 1:15, the victim and his girlfriend were exiting the parlor located at 1281
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levenworth he was punched in the back of the head by an unknown male adult and fell to the ground and the suspect wrapped his arms around his neck and began to choke him. up but the g ing seeing that we have nobeen able to confirm this, but both of the victims it was him and his girlfriend said that they felt that they, the suspect was a security guard for the bar. the officers spoke to the security guards for the parlor who saw the incident and said that it was not one of their security guards but we are looking into this. and any comments or questions? >> yeah? >> you know, i just wanted to ask, how things are moving along and i know that david chiu's office have been working a lot with broad way and i didn't make the last meeting around the broad way corridor and what is happening there. are we still looking at the sheriff getting a bus there and are things still moving along and it seems that they are moving alonglike the city is
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coming together and the police department and the sheriffs. and other, the night clubs. and they are stepping it up. and so we are really trying to look to see what is going to be best and there is some concerns about possible clubs that are going to be opening there and we want to make sure that they are a good fit for broad way. there is a meeting tomorrow. >> i just want to follow it up that a year and a half ago there was shutting down the street and trying the alternative measures that have not been tried before, instead of repeating the same thing over and over again, trying something new, are there new ideas that are coming up and ways to control this? >> they are looking and i have not heard as far as street closures lately. what i have heard is the diversity of entertainment whether it be a live band or djs and just kind of bringing up different things and comedy clubs and jazz clubs and just so that it is not the same thing at every single club on a friday or saturday night.
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and they have also discussed lighting in the area that can have a huge impact on the climate up there. and it is kind of, it is a balance. because you could light it up like a stadium but that is going to detract from the feeling on broad way. but as you said it is a balance as far as what the businesses the city and everyone together as far as what he can agree to. >> i have a question. the person who was the recipient of the bike, did they catch the person who bit that person? >> apparently they are friends that got into an argument. >> and he bit him? >> yes. >> yeah, it is too ladies. oh, two girls. >> better than being hit in the face with the heel of her shoe. i guess. >> commissioner perez? >> i have a question regarding jack in the box because there a
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lot of interest with the neighbors regard thating extended permit can you tell us what time it happen and what happened. >> it was prior to 2:00, and the jack in the box it was not the same one. there was one in the richmond that the person that was hit by the car so there is a lot of attention on that particular one. this one did not have the same sort of attention. >> different one. >> okay, thank you. >> wait, i want, officer? >> that was done on broad way a month ago and there was a lot, you know, police officers, i mean are the clubs doing their part of getting the loiters around way? >> it is a work in progress. i think that they are working but in the same breath, it is an issue because the adult
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entertainment are not held to the same standards and you have a place that says that you can't loiter and they walk a couple of feet over and there sno legislation whatsoever and they can just hang out. >> i am new here, don't they follow the same? >> they don't follow the same? >> no, we have no jurisdiction over adult entertainment and never have had. >> right now, supervisor chiu has talked about trying to adopt the same standards, and that is what i am asking for. so we have consistently all the way up and down broad way. a good neighbor and a good neighbor. if the adult entertainment could step up and stop the people from hanging out. it creates huge problems for us, for lack of a better term, if they are not going to have the hammer on getting those people out of here it is harder.
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>> i observed that a lot when i was on the street. and i think that there are way too many police there for the amount of people that are hanging around. and so hopefully the supervisor chiu can do something about that. and i think that i am going to support him on that one. anybody else? >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> is there any other police comments or questions? >> i don't have to public comment? >> i do. >> is there a public comment on the police department, comments and questions? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item number six. >> hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of this commission. item a. mohamed hrizi doing business as paris pizza.
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>> this is paris pizza. >> 448 broad way. sorry. >> no problem. and you are going to see a few of these here as the public comment said earlier, this is for an extended hour premises permit. this is mohamed who has been operating it for five years on broad way and serves pizza and sandwiches to the late night crowd and would like to stay open until 3:00 a.m. so he can serve the workers after they are getting off the shifts. it does allow them them to stay open until 3:00. for security, it says that on the evenings he will assign an employee to stand outside. however, you will see in the back of your binder, the central station, recommendations is asking instead that they have a security guard during their extended hours, and that follows for the next two applicants as well. >> so they are asking for an
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extended hours premises permit. >> okay. >> and i will let him tell you the rest of the story. >> is the applicant here? >> come on up. >> good evening. >> hello. >> five years ago, i came here and did the same thing. and it was the challenge of the same thing, if i could keep it, keep my establishment safe for people to get off to especially on weekends, friday and saturday night. so far, i mean, being there for five years, i know that the block is very challenging and a lot of problems, and a lot of intoxicated people that comes up. and i have been there and my best my brother and also my neighbor. to keep our establishments safe and not having any people hanging out inside of the pizza shop right after they get the pizza.
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and we are also noticing that i having a intoxicated person it is better than him leaving without a slice of pizza getting in his car drunk. and besides that, given the nature of business in san francisco and especially lately, broad way street has been dead for five days, sunday to thursday, we don't get much business. we don't get any. pretty much, anything except for delivers. so we wait for friday and saturday to make an extra buck. and obviously, the closing exactly at 2:00 hurts our business so bad. we actually to be pushed to be shutting down. >> so i want to ask you a couple of questions. how do you deal with people who come into your place drunk? who want pizza? are they roudy? do they pay their bills. are you able to deal with them?
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>> yeah. i have been there for five years and not even had one police call on the weekend. that shows you exactly how i do it. we serve everybody, every person and one time, and we try to get them out as soon as we can. >> okay. and do you normally have somebody working with the security in some way. >> usually it is myself. and i will stand by the door, my brother and the two other workers will be inside serving and so anybody who is trying to make trouble tried to either call the police for him or try to get him up. >> all right, thank you. >> commissioners anybody else have a question? >> i just wanted to ask you about your community out reach. did you do any out reach other than the commercial for, merchants on broad way? >> except for the commissioners, no. >> no? >> i am willing to, you know, get involved in any organization. >> do you have an idea like why
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that would be important for you? >> to keep the block safe and to keep the whole street safe actually. >> so people will actually come to hang out there. and we would love to have people actually be there and come there and be safe and hang out and go home. that would be good for us and for them. >> okay, thank you. >> commissioner lee? >> don't go yet. so when i went to drop in on broad way and i was informed that during, you had posted a notice of this application. and i waited until 2:05 and you guys are still selling pizza. first of all i was not here i was out of the country. i just came back. and second the guys were always convinced that they have the permit. but after you talked to them they spoke to me in my count i told them to start closing. >> i received a couple of photos via text message that
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you were open. you know, people on broad way. >> okay. >> so i mean obviously you were open after 2:00 even though you were instructed to wait until we have a hearing. so i am questioning you know, now what the excuse for that one? >> what i was going to say is when i am there inside of the shop as the owner, and the shop will be closed at two. commissioner, if i could just interject right here. he knew that they were supposed to close at two and they may have been under the state and they actually had in 2008, gotten clearance to stay until 3:00 from the planning commission, and there may be a confusion for the permit. >> i made it very clear to them when i talked to them until the process is done, they should not open and i think that i was very clear. >> i think that i am aware of that. >> and so for me to trust you
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whether we grant a permit to you if you are going to follow what we say, whether it is closing at 3, 4, 5, you know? >> i have been following it for five years. >> but i mean if you are there you don't expect you to be there every minute. >> sure. >> so you know just let us as club owners we are responsible for our staff. >> sure. >> if i tell my staff that job comes in drunk, nobody comes in they have to do it because when the police come they are not going to yell at your staff they are going to look for you. >> that is pretty much my family. >> that means that you are altogether. >> right. >> police? >> i have some questions. >> what is the purpose, and i mean that you stayed in your conditions number three that
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you would like to have this guy lead trained and since he does not serve alcohol,; is that correct?? >> yes. since he does not serve alcohol, you want him to be lead trained so that he could identify people who are intoxicated. >> yeah. probably the biggest issue that we have, on broad way, is it is 2:00 in the morning, people are rolling out of the clubs. they should not be under the influence, but unfortunately that is the reality that we have to deal with on a weekly basis and so a lot of times they are extremely intoxicated. what we don't want is someone who is intoxicated going over to one of the restaurants and going from, you know, their problem outside, and so, if they, if the establishment looks over, and sees this drunk mess coming their way. and you know, let's not let that person in, so what i would like to do is have that part of their business plan that they are not going to allow drunks into the establishment. the reason that i asked specifically for the leads
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training is some people expertise, maybe they have worked in the industry where they know what a drunk person looks like, but what the lead trains does is goes across the board identifying what a drunk person looks like and how they behave and what the consequences are when they drink. that is why we are asking for that. >> so. what do you suggest that the drunk people do? get in the car? here is the thing, for me, i always thought that food is a balance. food helps people to sober up and gives them time to stay in a venue before they get on the road or even get on public transportation or fall off of a curb and hurt themselves or whatever. and so the idea is to take intoxicated people and not allow them to eat food and sober up and instead send them on their way and possibly drive a car or get on the public
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transportation where they fall asleep and throw up or something. i am sorry but i don't get the logic of what you intend you are going to do with the drunk people if you don't allow them to have food. >> i have not seen where somebody, and i don't want, you take this the wrong way. >> but, it is not like, they are going to have a slice and they are going ko come in drunk and take a bite out of pizza and all of a sudden sher sober as a judge. >> that may be true but they will be more sober. >> i mean, how long was it going to take, the only thing that really takes care of the people being intoxicated is time and so in the 15, 20 minutes that is going to take the person so order the pizza and put it in their mouth and absorb some of it, but we have a lot of alcohol on board. >> that is the issue that we have, we have a thought people
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coming out on columbus and we are trying to get everybody to go on their way and now we are having, these maybe the restaurants and now we have a new staging area and so they come over here and now we have got, up to three places right here on broad way that potentially could be open and now it is a new cluster and so before the problem could be ending where the police could work at getting people on the way and he says do we want them jumping in the car? absolutely not. >> we are hoping that there is public transportation or taxi and another ride with a friend, i don't think that a slab of pizza is going to undo an entire night of drinking, for some it might get something in their stomach to absorb something so it goes into their metabolism slower. >> this place has been opened for five years. i mean, this is not something new that people have been intoxicated. has it created a bad situation for you? i mean, that way?
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>> at closing time it is one of the issues, and often times in responding to the police they will go over and they will have to go in and deal with the situation. sometimes they might go in and say hey you need to get these guys out of there but it does create a problem for law enforcement and it also extends the exposure time that law enforcement has to be out on broad way. and lead was saying that there are too many cops out there. i agrees with them. but that is how many cops we need out there to deal with the problem until we change the things that are going on down there. >> okay. i mean, i don't agree that they should not allow people who are intoxicated in. i mean that is my opinion. the other thing that i wanted to ask you was. are you conditioned for the security guard? they are open seven days a week and they have extended hours to 3:00 a.m. seven days a week, are you suggest thating